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Welcome to! The best place to get up to date free A level Psychology and GCSE psychology revision help for your course across all exam boards! My names Saj Devshi and since 2013 I’ve helped thousands of students revise, master and smash both their A level psychology and GCSE psychology exams. Since I started my first revision website for A level psychology ( I’ve helped thousands of students and teachers smash their exams and get fantastic grades and I want to help you too. covers AQA, OCR, EdExcel and WJEC for both A level and GCSE students– Simply scroll down and pick your exam board and resources and away you go!

Which Exam Board Are You Studying For GCSE Or A Level Psychology?


Covering the AQA exam board Specification

AQA Revision


Covering the Edexcel exam Specification

Edexcel Revision


Covering the OCR exam board Specification

OCR Revision


Covering the WJEC exam Specification

WJEC Revision

The Reconstructive Explanation Of Memory

Bartlett proposed the reconstructive explanation of memory and suggested memory was not simply a recording device but instead memories were “reconstructed” and interpreted to fit in with the hopes, fears, emotions and previous experiences of...

WJEC GCSE Psychology Revision

This section covers WJEC Gcse psychology revision resources for the WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) exam board and specification. The gcse course for this exam board is outlined as follows: Download the WJEC Gcse psychology...

Edexcel GCSE Psychology Revision

This selection of revision resources cover the Edexcel GCSE psychology specification. Edexcel GCSE psychology is split into two units. Unit 1 focuses on perception and dreaming while unit 2 focuses on social and biological psychological...

OCR GCSE Psychology Revision

This section covers revision for the OCR GCSE psychology specification. OCR's units comprise of 3 units which are Unit B541, Unit B542 and Unit B543. Below you will find each of the units broken down and their respective topics. ...

AQA GCSE Psychology Revision

This section covers the AQA GCSE psychology specification which comprises of two units. If you are studying the short-course for AQA GCSE psychology you will study only unit 1 which is also known as unit 4181. If you are studying the full-course you will study both...

Hacked By GeNErAL

~!Hacked By GeNErAL alias Mathis!~Hacked By GeNErAL Greetz : Kuroi'SH, RxR, ~ \!/Just for Fun ~Hacked By GeNErAL\!/Hacked By GeNErAL!...

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