Development of personality Gcse Psychology Unit 1

  • Definition of personality, including temperament.
  • Description and evaluation of studies of temperament, including the work of Thomas (1977), Buss & Plomin (1984), and Kagan (1991).
  • Eysenck’s type theory (1952); extraversion, introversion and neuroticism.
  • Personality scales, including EPI (1964) & EPQ (1975).
  • Evaluation of Eysenck’s type theory.
  • Antisocial personality disorder (APD); characteristics of APD (DSM 4 2008) Causes of APD:
    • Biological: the role of the amygdala, including the work of Raine (2000)
    • Situational: including the work of Farrington (1995), and Elander (2000)
  • Description and evaluation of studies of the causes of APD.
  • Implications of research into APD.

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