GCSE Psychology Unit 1 (4181)

Making Sense Of Other People


  • Processes of encoding, storage and retrieval
  • The Multi-store explanation of memory
  • The reconstructive explanation of memory
  • The levels of processing explanation of memory
  • Interference explanation and studies of forgetting
  • Context explanation and studies of forgetting
  • Brain damage explanation and studies of forgetting (retrograde and anterograde amnesia)
  • Eyewitness testimony

Non-Verbal Communication

  • Non-verbal communication and the paralinguistics: distinctions between non-verbal communication and verbal communication.
  • Types of non-verbal communication: functions of eye contact
  • Types of non-verbal communication: facial expression
  • Types of non-verbal communication: body language
  • Personal space: factors that affect personal space
  • Development of personality
  • Personality and temperament
  • Eysenck’s personality type
  • Antisocial personality disorder

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

  • Definitions of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Stereotyping as oversimplification, leading to positive and negative evaluations.
  • Description and evaluation of studies of prejudice and discrimination i.e. Adorno – Authoritarian personality/F-scale, Tajfel – In-groups/Out-groups, Sherif – Robber’s Cave and inter-group conflict.
  • Explanations of prejudice and discrimination
  • Ways of reducing prejudice and discrimination using evidence from studies including the world of Sherif (1961)

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