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Welcome to! The best place to get up to date free A level Psychology and GCSE psychology revision help for your course across all exam boards! My names Saj Devshi and since 2013 I’ve helped thousands of students revise, master and smash both their A level psychology and GCSE psychology exams. Since I started my first revision website for A level psychology ( I’ve helped thousands of students and teachers smash their exams and get fantastic grades and I want to help you too. covers AQA, OCR, EdExcel and WJEC for both A level and GCSE students– Simply scroll down and pick your exam board and resources and away you go!

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Methods of control, data analysis and data presentation

Experimental designs: Independent groups, repeated measures, matched pairs. Advantages and disadvantages of each experimental design. Target populations, samples and sampling methods: Random; Opportunity; Systematic; Stratified. Advantages and limitations of each...

Development of personality

Development of personality Gcse Psychology Unit 1 Definition of personality, including temperament. Description and evaluation of studies of temperament, including the work of Thomas (1977), Buss & Plomin (1984), and Kagan (1991). Eysenck's...

Non-verbal communication

Non-Verbal Communication Gcse Psychology Unit 1 Non-verbal communication and the paralinguistics: distinctions between non-verbal communication and verbal communication Types of non-verbal communication: functions of eye contact Types of non-verbal communication:...

AQA Memory

Memory Gcse Psychology (AQA) - Unit 1 (4181) Processes of encoding, storage and retrieval The multi-store memory model explanation of memory The reconstructive explanation of memory The levels of process explanation of memory Interference explanation and studies of...

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Welcome to This website is dedicated to providing free revision resources for GCSE psychology students and teachers. The aim of this website is to cover all the exam boards that teach Gcse psychology across the UK. This...

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