Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

GCSE Psychology Unit 1

  • Definitions of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination
  • Stereotyping as oversimplification, leading to positive and negative evaluations
  • Description and evaluation of studies of prejudice and of discrimination, including the work of Adorno (authoritarian personality, including the F-scale), Tajfel (In-groups and Out-groups) and Sherif (Robbers’ Cave) and inter-group conflict.
  • Explanations of prejudice and discrimination
  • Ways of reducing prejudice and discrimination, using evidence from studies including the work of Sherif (1961), Aronson (1978), Elliott (1977) and Harwood (2003).
  • Evaluation of these ways of reducing prejudice and discrimination
  • Contemporary practical implications of research into stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination and their benefits and drawbacks.
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